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At Compass Fertility we are focused on our clients’ clinical and fertility needs with the aim of providing the best experience and fertility outcome at the best price. Our treatment and ovulation tracking practices ensure we are best placed for success.  Our boutique style care, tailoring to individual needs rather than standard protocols is something not offered elsewhere – so call us to discuss your needs and requirements. 


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Thank you for your interest in the donor sperm program between Compass Fertility and Seattle Sperm Bank. Please take time to read through carefully the below summary of the process and the steps involved.

  1. Counselling: Counselling is compulsory prior to undergoing IVF treatment at Compass Fertility if you are utilising donor eggs, sperm, or embryos.
    • Please contact an ANZICA Accredited Counsellor and mention you are a Compass patient. Compass Fertility recommended counsellors are:
    • Compass Fertility requires a copy of your counselling report before donor selection can proceed. If you have completed counselling elsewhere, please confirm that they are an ANZICA Accredited Counsellor, and contact them to request the report/s be provided to Compass Fertility before you purchase the semen. If the counselling report is more than two years old, you may be asked to revisit the counsellor (this is at the discretion of Compass Fertility). If you are unsure, please contact Compass for clarification.
  2. Shipment: Seattle Sperm Bank will coordinate purchase and payment. Once you have purchased your sperm, Seattle Sperm Bank will contact Compass to advise us of shipment.
    • Costing for donor sperm can be found on this website.
    • Seattle Sperm Bank requires a minimum purchase of 5 vials for shipment.
    • Please refer all queries regarding sperm to Seattle Sperm bank i.e. which sperm to purchase (depending on your circumstance).
  3. IVF Appointment at Compass Fertility: Once the sperm is received at Compass you will be informed by a staff member and only then may you book in for an IVF OR IUI interview appointment, which both you and your partner (if applicable) are required to attend.
    • At time of interview you will be required to pay Compass a deposit of $1,250 (AUD). The remaining amount will be due on confirmation of egg collection (for IVF) or on the day of your procedure (for IUI).

Find Exclusive Donors

Seattle Sperm Bank offers a number of donors exclusivly to Compass Fertility for distribution in Australia. Australian fertility clinics must take reasonable steps to ensure that the number of families who use a donor is minimised.

Distribution of each donor is limited to a select number of families in Australia. Please contact Compass Fertility to inquire about availibility.

  1. IVF Specialist appointment/consultation: Your IVF Specialist will provide Compass Fertility with an “activation” plan for fertility treatment. This can happen at any stage throughout the process. Please call your fertility specialist to arrange this consultation. Please note that some specialists may have a waiting list for appointments.
    • If you are an interstate patient, we recommend that you wait until after the sperm has arrived to see your specialist so we can book your interview at Compass on the same day. This way you will only have to make one initial trip to Canberra.  Please be sure to specify you are an interstate patient when making your appointment with your specialist.

Guiding Your Fertility Journey

At Compass Fertility our team are known for clinical excellence and patient care with a world class track record and consistently amongst the highest success rates in Australia.

Our IVF care and treatment is leading in expertise and success rates. Find out more about our successes and take a tour of the laboratory below.

Information regarding the donor (including any genetic carrier information) can be obtained directly from the Seattle Sperm Bank website.

If none of these donors are acceptable to you, you are welcome to search the SSB website for more suitable donors that may be available elsewhere in Australia. Please note that the availability on the website is subject to change without notice.


Once your semen has arrived please allow for up to two weeks before you will able to commence your cycle with Compass. We do not book IVF appointments until your semen has arrived on site.