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Thank you for your interest in the donor program at Genea Fertility SA and our partnership with Seattle Sperm Bank.

With an unwavering commitment to fulfilling your dreams, Genea celebrates the profound moments in your fertility journey. We are here to assist you in taking the important steps in planning for the future family you want.

Genea combines more than three decades of experience, expertise, and world-leading technology with an outstanding team of local specialists, nurses, scientists and counsellors. There is more than one way to create your family and the use of donor sperm can at times seem overwhelming.

At Genea Fertility SA, we pride ourselves on streamlining this process for prospective parents, making the journey as simple and straightforward as possible.  Our highly skilled donor team is committed to working together with you towards a common goal – of having a child. We are dedicated to a passionate and inclusive donor service.

The process to access a Seattle Sperm Bank Donor through Genea Fertility SA is below


  1. First medical appointment

To begin your journey, you must have a medical appointment with one of our experienced specialists to discuss whether donor treatment is appropriate for you. You will be referred for some general blood tests.  In the meantime, our friendly donor team will contact you with some information about our pathway and financial considerations.

Follow this link to view our specialists or call our local team to assist you


  1. Counselling

Implications counselling with an ANZICA eligible Fertility Counsellor is mandatory for all parties participating in the donor conception program, both recipients and donors. This offers you an opportunity to consider and understand the possible complexities and implications of treatment for yourself, your relationships, your family and any potential future child. You will be able to access counselling through our experienced clinic fertility counsellor. A minimum of two counselling sessions are required for a patient to progress through the donor program.



  1. Genetic counselling

Genetic counselling is an important part of our donor program. The genetic counsellor advises intended parents (recipients) on how to reduce the risk of serious inherited genetic disorders of a donor conceived child, interprets the results of genetic tests of the donor (who are all genetically screened) and helps to select appropriate genetic tests for the recipients.


  1. Selection of Seattle Sperm Bank Donor

You can view the donors exclusive to Genea Fertility SA on this website, this step can be a little overwhelming, so take your time in your selection, and feel free to reach out to our donor coordinators or counsellor if you have any questions.


Final medical appointment Once you have made your final decision about which donor profile you feel best suits your situation you will have an appointment with your specialist to determine your treatment course. At this point, you will finalize the process and begin the clinical pathway for treatment.

The Seattle Sperm Bank donors allocated to Genea are stored at Genea Fertility SA so there will be no additional shipping fees.


Please note that the availability of donors is subject to change without notice.

To summarise, your pathway will look something like this:

Find Exclusive Donors

Seattle Sperm Bank offers a number of donors in Australia exclusively to Genea Fertility SA. There are legal limits in Australia on how many families that donors can create, and Australian fertility clinics must take reasonable steps to ensure that the number of families who use a donor is minimised. This means the availability of donors may change over time.

Our supportive medical and donor team will support you every step of the way to assist you in making the best decisions for you and your prospective family. If you have any further questions, feel free to have a look at our website , call 8100 2900 or email our friendly donor team at 



Guiding Your Fertility Journey

At Genea Fertility SA our team are known for clinical excellence and personalised patient care.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to answer any queries you may have.