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Family Fertility Centre is comprised of highly qualified, active specialists with many years of regular surgical and fertility experience. We listen. We practice true one on one care; your chosen doctor will become your personal doctor, perform your initial consultation, follow up your results, explain them to you to help you understand and make the best decisions throughout your fertility journey. For more information about our clinic please visit the website


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Thank you for your interest in the donor sperm program between Family Fertility Centre and Seattle Sperm Bank. Please take time to read through carefully the below summary of the process and the steps involved.

Medical appointments: The first step to accessing donor sperm at out clinic is to get a referral from your General Practitioner and book an initial consult with our fertility specialist. From there a routine work up including blood tests will be arranged. A referral to our counsellor will also be made. You will have follow up to discuss results, preferences for available donors and complete consent documents.  If you decide to proceed, a donor program registration fee needs to be paid.


Counselling: Counselling is a compulsory requirement to access donated sperm, eggs or embryos. It is a requirement that it is completed by an ANZICA registered counsellor. These sessions allow for you to explore the implications of using donated material and the choices of treatment available and the rights to information for donors and donor conceived children. Our counsellor will help you navigate the challenges of using donor material. If you have completed counselling elsewhere, please ensure that this was completed by an ANZICA counsellor and request that the report is sent to Family Fertility Centre. You may be required to complete additional counselling in order to satisfy legal requirements.


Genetics Counselling: Genetics counselling is not a mandatory requirement for donor use. The donors are all genetically screened and it may be recommended that recipients are screened in some cases. Please be aware when choosing a donor if they have a positive carrier result on their genetics panel.


Donor Selection: Once you have had an initial consultation with our fertility specialist, you can request sperm allocation. We have imported sperm for each of our available donors, which are ready to use on site. Access to the donor profiles can be found with an all-access pass to the Seattle Sperm Bank website, or directly through Family Fertility Centre. These linked donors are exclusive to our clinic here in Australia and cannot be shipped to other clinics for use. Please note donor availability is subject to change at any time.

Find Exclusive Donors

Seattle Sperm Bank offers a number of donors exclusivly to Family Fertility Centre for distribution in Australia. Australian fertility clinics must take reasonable steps to ensure that the number of families who use a donor is minimised.

Distribution of each donor is limited to a select number of families in Australia. Please contact Family Fertility Centre to inquire about availibility.

Australian fertility clinics must take reasonable steps to minimise the number of families created through a donor program.

Therefore, Seattle Sperm Bank offers the donors you can view here exclusively to Family Fertility Clinic  and no other clinic in Australia.

To receive free unlimited access to donor bios, including baby photos, audio interviews, extended profiles, and Keirsey tests you will need first need to sign up for a Free All Access Pass at

All available information about the donor (including any genetic carrier information) is contained in the donor’s profile on the Seattle Sperm Bank website.

Reserving Your Donor

Once you have identified a potential donor, please contact our clinic to begin the donor program. We can confirm availability of your preferred donor at this point.