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Meet Example (9999)

This is an Example Donor profile.  This donor is not available for distribution and is used for testing purposes only.





A Rh+



Education Example / Occupation Example


Counsyl Foresight Panel (at least 175 conditions)

    • This donor can only be distributed to Life Fertility Clinic. Please contact the clinic to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Life Fertility Clinic
      1/36 Edmondstone Road
      Bowen Hills
      Queensland 4006

      Please contact Life Fertility to enquire about availability and to make a reservation.

      07 3606 3131

    • Cystic Fibrosis : Carrier
    • Beta-Thalassemia : Carrier
    • X-linked Juvenile Retinoschisis : Carrier
    • Dystrophinopathy (including Duchenne/Becker Muscular Dystrophy) : Carrier
    • 3-Methylcrotonyl-CoA Carboxylase Deficiency (MCCC2-Related) : Carrier
    • Odonto-Onycho-Dermal Dysplasia / Schopf-Schulz-Passarge Syndrome : Carrier
    • Spastic Paraplegia 7 : Carrier