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Meet Ace (16032)

Ace is slender with thick and wavy dark brown hair, and warm brown eyes that contrast attractively against his fair skin tone. He is handsome with angular features, a narrow nose, a broad smile, and neat full brows.

In the professional arena, Ace maneuvers through the intricacies of the transportation world as a public transit operator. However, the true passion lies in the artistic realm. As a dedicated writer, Ace aspires to see crafted narratives published, particularly in the realm of screenplay writing. Beyond professional pursuits, Ace delves into artistic endeavors, spanning drawing, graphic novel illustration, and the meticulous restoration of vintage cars – a testament to a fusion of creativity and hands-on craftsmanship. Growing up in an environment that encouraged curiosity and embraced learning as a shared adventure, Ace attributes an open-minded nature and a love for questioning the world to parental influence. A laid-back approach to parenting, coupled with a genuine friendship, has shaped Ace's relaxed and approachable demeanor. Outside of work, Ace's interests span a broad spectrum. From exploring classic films to immersing in the richness of 1950s and 1960s music, Ace finds joy in various forms of creative expression. A fitness enthusiast, energy channels into endurance running, reflecting a commitment to personal well-being. Ace envisions a future where artistic endeavors, especially in graphic novel illustration and writing, take center stage. The goal of becoming a published author and illustrator propels Ace towards a fulfilling and creatively-driven life.


Dark Brown



A Rh-


Caucasian, English, German, Irish, Romanian, Scottish, Swiss


Some College / Automotive Technician Trade School. / Public Transit Operator



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      Queensland 4006

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    • Galactosemia : Carrier
    • Glutaric Acidemia, Type IIa : Carrier
    • Nephrotic Syndrome (NPHS2-Related) : Carrier
    • CC2D2A-related Conditions (CC2D2A) : Carrier