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Meet Baylen (N4004)

Baylen is inviting, easy going, and very cute! He has a beautiful, wide, full lipped smile that
stretches across his square face. He has medium brown facial hair that covers the bottom half of
his face, fairly trimmed with some covering his neck. He has a long, straight, nose with small
nostrils. His eyes are a stunning light green that shine next to his dark brown eyebrows. His
eyebrows are long and rectangular, framing the entirety of his eyes. He is also extremely stylish,
sporting a blue faux leather jacket over a brown striped button down, brown pants, and maroon
boots, catching your eye when he walks into a room!

Baylen’s friends describe him as whimsical, empathetic, and free spirited! He also is intelligent,
self-aware, has a strong sense of justice and is not afraid to speak up when necessary. This
translates through his work as a PTSD specialized psychologist and extending emotional support
to his friends whenever needed. He emphasizes his value of alone time as well, seeking out solo
adventures by visiting the zoo or finding a good hiking trail! Baylen’s interests, emotional
awareness, and strong values, make us excited to have him in our program!





O Rh+


Caucasian, Dutch, English, French, German, Irish


Bachelors and Masters in Clinical Psychology / Graduate Research Assistant


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel

    • This donor can only be distributed to Monash IVF QLD. Please contact the clinic to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Brisbane
      Level 1, 55 Little Edward Street
      Leichhardt Court
      Spring Hill, QLD 4000

      Gold Coast
      Level 1
      7 Short Street

      293 Campbell Street

      Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg
      Fertility Solutions
      23 Elsa Wilson Drive
      (07 5478 2482)

      07 3232 7088

    • Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group C : Carrier
    • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IVa : Carrier