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Meet Darby (12921)

Darby is adaptable, inspiring, and quite handsome. Darby has beautiful round green eyes, dark brown hair, and full lips that form a wide smile. His dark brown eyebrows are long and rectangular brightening his dark green eyes. His nasal bridge is medium in length and has a small nose. Darby demonstrates a lot of curiosity in his life and is passionate about his dreams, friends, and has a wide breadth of hobbies and endeavors!

Darby enjoys bouldering, dodge ball, piano and ultimate frisbee. He currently coaches two high school Ultimate Frisbee teams and competes professionally himself! He enjoys reading fantasy books and spending time with his friends. He is a good listener and is passionate about being a good friend! Darby often has chosen careers paths based around his pursuit at the time. From juggling in the circus to professional ultimate frisbee, Darby is truly talented to excel in whatever he dedicates his time to!


Dark Brown



A Rh-


British, Caucasian, German, Italian, Scottish, Swedish


Some College / Ultimate Frisbee Golf Coach



    • This donor can only be distributed to Compass Fertility. Please contact Seattle Sperm Bank to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Seattle Sperm Bank
      4915 25th Avenue NE
      Suite 204
      Seattle, WA 98105


    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : SMN1 copy number: 2, SMN2 copy number: 1, c.*3+80T>G: No disease causing mutations detectedative, SMN1 Sequencing: No disease causing mutations detectedative