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Meet Drake (N4007)

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, Drake's broad shoulders and muscular build make a strong impression. He is ruggedly handsome with a round face and well-proportioned features. His thick brown hair and captivating green-brown eyes complement his warm complexion, a testament to his Polish and Cuban heritage.

Drake, a senior payroll tax accountant with dual bachelor degrees in accounting and art, embodies a unique blend of creativity, analytical prowess, and compassionate nature. Beyond his professional and family life, Drake is a man of diverse interests and talents. A visual art graduate, he effortlessly combines his love for photography with a knack for building things. His mechanical skills and cratiiness shine through as he tinkers and constructs for sheer enjoyment. Family plays a pivotal role in Drake's life. Raised by immigrant parents who instilled the values of resilience and family bonds, he maintains a close-knit relationship with his parents, speaking to them regularly despite the geographical distance. Drake's multicultural background contributes to his unique perspective, allowing him to navigate different worlds seamlessly. Inspired by a close friend's journey through egg donation, Drake decided to embark on the path of sperm donation. His desire to offer others the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood reflects his caring and altruistic nature.


Light Brown



O Rh+


Cuban, Polish


BSc Accounting and BA Animation / Senior Payroll Tax Accountant


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel

    • This donor can only be distributed to Monash IVF NSW / Repromed SA / Repromed NT. Please contact the clinic to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Sydney CBD
      Level 10, 207 Kent St
      Sydney NSW 2000

      Bondi Junction
      Level 26, Westfield Tower 1
      520 Oxford Street
      Bondi Junction NSW 2022

      Level 2, 1 Fennell Street
      Parramatta NSW 2151

      Level 3, 38 Somerset Street
      Kingswood NSW 2747

      02 9154 1170

    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : SMN1 copy number: 2, SMN2 copy number: >=3, c.*3+80T>G: No disease causing mutations detectedative, SMN1 Sequencing: No disease causing mutations detectedative