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Meet Ermias (12958)

A delightful addition to our donor program, Ermias is thoughtful, intelligent, musically talented, and passionate. At 6’2” he has an athletic build maintained with years of martial arts, hiking and Aikido. He has a lovely clear medium complexion with attractive highlights such as high cheekbones, full lips and dazzling blue-green eyes. Ermias has enviable wavy light brown hair and matching well maintained beard. He has an oval face and a kind smile with one noticeable dimple.

Ermias has completed his education in computer science and is currently an IT technician. He enjoys his career and is focused on ensuring he provides a stable and financially comfortable life for his family. He has a lot of hobbies he invests his time in as well such as traveling the globe, training in Battoujutusu (Japanese sword) and interactive roleplaying games. Anyone searching for a unique, adaptable, and well-rounded donor Ermias is a great choice!





B Rh+


Mix, Caucasian, German, Hispanic, Scottish


B.S. Computer Science / IT Technician



    • This donor can only be distributed to Compass Fertility. Please contact Seattle Sperm Bank to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Seattle Sperm Bank
      4915 25th Avenue NE
      Suite 204
      Seattle, WA 98105


    • Microcephaly 9, Primary, AR / Seckel Syndrome 5 (CEP152-related) : Carrier