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Meet Grogan (14394)

Grogan walks into the room exuding confidence with ease due to his stoic demeanor and beautiful sultry brown eyes. Typically seen in a nice fitting motorcycle jacket, he keeps his hair shaved down and thick beard grown out. His beard stays trimmed perfectly, accentuating his slightly pouty lips. His handsome features are exemplified by the excitement you hear when he talks about his many hobbies!

Watching movies, exploring new spots in town, and cooking are just a few he enjoys sharing with his friends! Adapting to new cities excites Grogan and allows him to discover new places and friends, especially while running! While being social comes easy to Grogan he also enjoys solo reflective hobbies as well! He is an avid reader of historical events and disputes, distance runner, and a motorcyclist. Understanding the necessity of both in his life, he makes sure to have a balanced social life and invest in himself. Grogan’s plethora of interests reflect his inquisitive and kind personality!





A Rh+


Mix, French, Irish, Jamaican, Polish


Theater Performance B.F.A. / Defense Systems Engineer


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel