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Meet Michi (12381)

Michi is the epitome of style and charm. He has long, sleek hair that falls effortlessly around his face, an oval face with a pointed chin, narrow nose, high cheekbones, and an inviting smile. His good looks and impeccable fashion sense make quite the impression!

Michi has a degree in Music and is a professional piano player. He also loves composing, as well as other artistic endeavors such as drawing. He is well traveled, and loves making trips back home to Japan. He has a very happy, optimistic attitude that is enjoyed by all.





B Rh+


Asian, Japanese


M.S. Music / Musician


Counsyl Foresight Panel (at least 175 conditions)

    • Mucolipidosis III Gamma : Carrier
    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : No disease causing mutations detectedative result: No disease causing mutations detectedative for g.27134T>G SNP and SMN1: 2 copies.