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Meet Seager (16042)

Seager is a personable and driven individual with a warm and approachable aura. He has light brown curly hair, captivating blue eyes, and fair skin. He has an oval face with well-proportioned features, a narrow nose, a broad smile, and a slightly cleft chin. His comfortable and practical style fits his personality.

Currently focused on his business studies, Seager is a goal-oriented and ambitious student. He intends to create his own construction company while also considering pursuing a trade as an electrician. Beyond his academic and career-focused endeavors, Seager has a creative side, expressing an interest in photography and film studies.  His diverse taste in music, appreciation for thought-provoking films, and willingness to explore various culinary delights showcase an open-minded and curious nature, perfect for engaging in new experiences and conversations. While initially reserved, Seager is friendly, outgoing, and personable once he feels comfortable. His altruistic nature is also apparent, engaging in blood drives, plasma donations, and supporting charitable causes like Locks of Love, which demonstrates a caring and compassionate character. These traits, combined with his work ethic and determination, make him a well-rounded and engaging individual.


Light Brown



B Rh+


Caucasian, Dutch, English, French-Canadian, German, Greek, Irish, Polish, Portuguese, Scottish, Swedish


Enrolled in College / Student