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Meet Sheffield (14266)

Sheffield is a one-of-a-kind, artistic, intelligent, and creative guy! He is ever so handsome, with beautiful hazel eyes and thick, wavy hair. Currently, he is studying cognitive science and hopes to one day pursue a career in the research area of his field. In addition to studying cognitive science, he is learning  Japanese as a second language.

Sheffield is very intelligent and artistic. He is proficient in his musical talent and has a deep appreciation for visual arts. More than anything, he is an outstanding pianist and musical composer.  Sheffield makes us laugh with his entertaining personality, he is the perfect balance between being humorous and fun and being focused and dedicated. We are thankful for Sheffield to be a donor with us, and we would recommend him to any family!





A Rh+


British, Caucasian


B.S. Cognitive Science / Psychometric assistant/Student


Counsyl Foresight Panel (at least 175 conditions)

    • This donor can only be distributed to Monash IVF QLD. Please contact the clinic to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Brisbane
      Level 1, 55 Little Edward Street
      Leichhardt Court
      Spring Hill, QLD 4000

      Gold Coast
      Level 1
      7 Short Street

      293 Campbell Street

      Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg
      Fertility Solutions
      23 Elsa Wilson Drive
      (07 5478 2482)

      07 3232 7088

    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : No disease causing mutations detectedative result: No disease causing mutations detectedative for g.27134T>G SNP and SMN1: 2 copies.