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Meet Stragar (14389)

Stragar is independent, creative, and charming! He is very handsome with curly, dark blonde hair, bright blue-green eyes, and a strong square jaw. Stragar is stylish, usually donned in earth tones, sneakers, and accessorizes with gold earrings. He is a conversationalist with undertones of seriousness as his experience, education, and curious nature leads him to ask questions.

Stragar is artistically and philosophically inclined, with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and working at a museum. Stragar enjoys his mechanical inclinations as well by building and customizing motorcycles and cars! A hobby he envisions turning into a business! He also enjoys reading about the historical intricacies of beat making in Hip-Hop, taking photographs, and being active with his dog. Stragar is a passionate individual, driven by a thirst for knowledge, and with stunning features is a great donor choice!





AB Rh+


Caucasian, Danish, Irish, Swedish, Ukrainian


B.A. Cultural Anthropology and Africa Studies / Museum Facilities Engineer


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel