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Meet Virgil (14423)

Virgil is a conversationalist and exudes kindness through his eyes and beautiful smile. He has a great sense of humor as can be seen from the smile lines around his deep brown eyes. His face is round, with rosy plump cheeks, and small, full lips, accentuated by his cupid’s bow. Virgil’s hair is dark brown and has thick, dark eyebrows, really highlighting his freckles on his face and neck. He is typically seen in a bright hoody and clean, dark blue jeans.

Virgil spends time in school studying Culinary Entrepreneurship, envisions moving forward in the family restaurant and bringing that knowledge with him to expand to new locations. To be a chef, and run a business, one must be innovative, action oriented, fair, and kind, all values Virgil exemplifies. He attributes his fairness and toughness to his father, traits he holds close in adulthood. Virgil works well with his hands, playing instruments as a child, and building onto a jeep in the spare time available. Virgil is excellent donor choice and has many interests from cooking to history to classical music. His kindness, and selflessness are characteristics we strive to have in our donors, and we are so excited to have Virgil with us!





A Rh+


Mix, Asian, Caucasian, English, Japanese, Native American


AA in Administration of Justice / AA In Social and Behavioral Science / AA for Culinary Entrepreneurship in Progress / Restaurant Manager



    • This donor can only be distributed to Compass Fertility. Please contact Seattle Sperm Bank to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Seattle Sperm Bank
      4915 25th Avenue NE
      Suite 204
      Seattle, WA 98105


    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : SMN1 copy number: 2, SMN2 copy number: 2, c.*3+80T>G: No disease causing mutations detectedative, SMN1 Sequencing: No disease causing mutations detectedative