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Meet Cunningham (N2001)

Cunningham is a handsome individual who stands tall and lean. His most captivating features are undoubtedly his eyes—a mesmerizing blend of blue and green that seems to change with the shifting hues of the surroundings. These eyes, combined with his thick and wavy strawberry blonde hair, create a striking visual impact. Cunningham's hair is not just a shade but a statement, giving him an air of individuality and flair. A closer look reveals a heart shaped face, tidy eyebrows, a slender nose, and an angular jawline, each feature contributing to his overall symmetry and charm.

Cunningham's educational journey has been nothing short of impressive, holding a bachelor's degree in physics, a master's in chemistry, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry, focusing on green energy—a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. As a future-oriented individual, Cunningham aspires to contribute to the field of clean energy, environmental/energy policy, or teaching. His linguistic abilities extend beyond his native English, including proficiency in Irish and French. Cunningham's exceptional math skills, highlighted by a Gold Medal in physics, showcase his intellectual prowess.

Beyond academia, Cunningham excels in mechanical skills, often crafting his own lab equipment and demonstrating proficiency in glass blowing and cutting. His athletic abilities are notable, engaging in activities such as hiking, bouldering, swimming, and rock climbing. A man of diverse interests and talents, Cunningham is an avid reader, piano player, and traveler. He humorously notes that his artistic flair shines through in his expressive stick-figure Mother's Day cards! As a donor, Cunningham's motivation stems from a genuine desire to assist those facing challenges in conceiving, influenced by personal experiences of friends and a close connection with a friend who is a donor conceived person.


Strawberry Blonde



O Rh-


Caucasian, Irish


B.S. in Physics; Working towards PhD in Chemistry / Student


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel

    • This donor can only be distributed to Genea Fertility SA. Please contact the clinic to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Level 9
      431 King William Street
      Adelaide SA 5000

      (08) 8100 2900

    • No disease causing mutations detected