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Meet Jarrett (16036)

Jarrett is a fairly tall man, standing at 6'2". His physical attributes include hazel eyes, brown hair with a wavy and thick texture, and a discernible dimple on his left cheek that adds charm to his tall stature. The combination of these features, along with a fair to medium skin tone, contributes to a composed and discernable appearance.

Jarrett has a passion for real estate sales, finding genuine joy in his work with plans for a long career ahead. During his college years, he pursued a challenging triple major, showcasing my commitment to learning and personal growth. Beyond the confines of work and school, he thrives in the exhilarating world of mountain biking, seeking the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Family holds a special place in his heart and he believes that being present is the key to meaningful connections and lasting happiness. Another thing that he holds dear to his heart is pizza! It is his go-to comfort food and when he needs a sweet fix, He finds solace in the irresistible allure of doughnuts. During his moments of leisure, He delves deep into the captivating narratives of Louis L'Amour, finding escape within the pages of his books.





O Rh+


Caucasian, Dutch, French


B.A. Elementary Education, Integrated Sciences, and Mathematics. / Real Estate Sales



    • This donor can only be distributed to Monash IVF QLD. Please contact the clinic to see about availability and to place an order.
    • Brisbane
      Level 1, 55 Little Edward Street
      Leichhardt Court
      Spring Hill, QLD 4000

      Gold Coast
      Level 1
      7 Short Street

      293 Campbell Street

      Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg
      Fertility Solutions
      23 Elsa Wilson Drive
      (07 5478 2482)

      07 3232 7088

    • Odonto-Onycho-Dermal Dysplasia / Schopf-Schulz-Passarge Syndrome : Carrier